Contact me for a personal consultation and access to the Experiential LifeStyle program. This program will provide the tools to support self-awareness, mindset shift, and value-goal alignment for your Lifestyle.


We’re not just talking about physical fitness. Cognitive, emotional, AND physical fitness are the cornerstones of wellness!

  • Solutions for busy people who want substantial improvements health and fitness that can be maintained for real life.
  • Mental skills and cognitive behavioral techniques.
  • Motivation and inspiration through positive psychology.
  • Ideas and inspiration for improving interpersonal relationships.


Learning doesn’t stop when you achieve that degree. Daily learning can come through experience, consumption of new information, relating and applying knowledge to our life circumstances.

  • Guided virtual groups.
  • Design: assistance with defining your passion, priorities, and vision.
  • Links to podcasts, articles, and websites aligned with FitLife point of view.
  • Book reviews for various areas of development.


Because we can only find happiness in the pursuit….

  • Join the FitLifeLiaison community for information, motivation, and accountability.
  • The power to create our own reality lies within. Fitness and Lifestyle Optimization Liaison will boost the power surge. The rest is up to you!